To Protect And To Serve to “We’re Right And You’re Wrong”

Well that headline pretty much sums up the way our police force has changed and is changing as we speak! Or maybe you’ve been asleep and haven’t noticed. But the truth of the matter is that the police have taken the path of being above the law and treating GQ public like criminals.

What got me started on this was I noticed a question on “Quora” that asked “If I get pulled over, do the police have the right to ask my passenger for ID?”

That got a couple pretty good answers but there was this one that just stuck out like a sore thumb! So I figured that I would share it with you below…


You are correct. The Supreme Court has given Law enforcement the authorization to seek passengers ID. That in itself supports the fascist police state we are now forced to endure. I, like you, have history in law enforcement. Yet, I’m not proud of the fact. I happen to know the truth concerning the death of our democratic republic and the criminal system that replaced it. I would like to think you are aware of it as well.

A lot of police officers from the old school are aware, and the younger recruits from the academy tend to support the notions of predatory policing. Many are leaving military service and seeking careers in Law enforcement. In fact, too much of military training is now common. Military hardware, weapons, training, and tactics are in effect in recent enforcement.

It’s time to face the truth and speak in honest terms that the “war on crime” was the cover for deminishing the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Police no longer work for the public and the notion of “serve and protect” the rights of individuals is now a joke. Policing is now a means to control the public to the demands of the ruling class.

The mere fact that police officers shoot unarmed citizens when other “tools” are available is a disgusting truth in current policing. The war on crime with the added emphasis of “working under the color of authority” created the desired effect for those who no longer conform to the will of society. Corruption in high office has erroded the benefit of being an American. I for one am disgusted by recent events of corruption and the noble profession of serving the public is no longer noble as it was in yesteryears.

I’ve seen too much of “regional martial law” and the militaristic attempt to control citizens away from their constitutional rights recently and I no longer support government officials who force strict adherence to mass control. To me it appears the public are victims of propaganda by media sources and corruption rules above all. The police is used too often to force corrupt officials demands on society. Good police officers are becoming the exception rather than the rule and new young officers appear to be the SS of past examples in Germany.

In other words, the radical departure from past policing methods like “policing by discretion” to “policing by strict enforcement” is the path to total control. It failed in Europe and I hope it fails here. This “country of Laws,” according to Bush Lite, is laws to control the masses while the elites thrive without rules, regulations, and laws that excuses their corrupt behavior. We are facing a true attempt of fascist governing like what happened in “33.” The coup by Wall St. power brokers as described by Major General Smedley Butler. The “American Liberty League” never ceases to exist after their treason. In fact, they survived for the next opportunity we see today.