The Solar Eclipse Happened Today….Now What?

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“Doug’s Opinions and Your Comments”

Well Hey! The solar eclipse happened today and I’m here to tell you that I didn’t get vaporized. So all you hard left leaning scum bags can crawl out of your bunkers and face another day hating life under Donald Trump’s rule!

Lets see….what phony cock and bull story are you guys going to come up with this time to try and discredit and lay blame on President Trump?

Before I say anything else on those matters I feel that I should warn you about something that you need to prepare yourself for. I don’t know what kind of childhood you had. Was your dad around, was he nice, a drunk, liked to whip your ass, or did it because you went against what he told you to do.

My Dad was one hard working son of a bitch! Most times he was home every night. But there were times that he worked out of town during the week. The last thing you want to do is piss off your Mom to have her saying “That’s it! Just wait till your Dad gets home!” You knew you were screwed!

This is my warning to you so remember what I’m about to say…..Our Dad (God) is on his way home and even though he loves us, just like you love your kids, we have to stand before him and be held accountable for all our wrong doings. Just think, the most powerful being in the universe will be here and you probably don’t even believe in him. I’ll pray for you, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Okay back to the solar eclipse that happened today. I remember one about 40 years ago here, but it got pretty dark then. Looking at the path of this one on the map I was sure that it would have gotten darker than what it did. But oh well.

Anybody out there have something to say about the solar eclipse or how our leftist brethern are planning our demise, feel free to comment!