Keep Your Hands OFF, And Don’t Talk To My KIDS!

Just what the hell is going on around us!? This LGBT Transgender shit has got to stop “Right Fucking NOW! All you cocksuckers trying to tell our young people that it’s okay to be queer and that your genitalia can be altered to however you feel! Well guess what?


This country wasn’t founded to replicate and be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah!

There’s a fine line drawn in every rule or law that doesn’t need to be pointed out all the time! If the founders had known that motherfuckers like you would be taking advantage of our free society the way you are doing right now, they would probably have committed genocide and suicide to free the world of your plague!

That’s exactly why GOD himself, had those two cities destroyed!

And here you stupid cocksuckers think that he won’t notice what you’re up to! Remember who you’re up against! Oh , that’s right, I forgot. You don’t believe in God…….But guess what FUCK STIK?

   I DO !!!!! And I’m going to help my Father rid the world of your stinking, fucking, existence once again!

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