Judicial Watch in the United States of America

I’m not sure how many people out there know about “Judicial Watch”, so let me give you a brief description about who they are and what it is that they do. If I make a mistake in what I write here about them please leave a comment for me and I will be more than happy to correct it.

Judicial Watch’s founder “Tom Fitton” started this “Watch Group” to keep an eye on government procedures and practices to make sure that nobody is above the law so that we are all treated in the same manner. We see the favotitism happening all the time everywhere, but there’s no way possible for him to be at everyone’s doorstep! So he chooses to stay focused on Government issues that are most important to the people of America and the impact it will have on us.

If you have been paying any attention at all about what happens in our upper government as far as top news stories, Judicial Watch is probably in there somewhere. Even though the big news giants never mention their presense, they are most likely there!

I need to mention this about”Judicial Watch”. They don’t work for the goernment or anybody else. Which means that they are a non profit organization. Their money to operate comes from donations made to them from people like you and me. I donate to them regularly to have peace in my mind that there is someone out there trying to keep an over-reaching government on a leash!

Okay, so I have a couple videos with them in it and I think you’ll enjoy them……………