Putting the “Chem Trail” Puzzle Pieces Together

We all knew for a fact that the “chem trail” business was aimed at the general public of the world. What we didn’t know for sure was the real reason these bastards started and continue to make this planet completely sterile of being able to sustain life as we know it.

If you never liked the United Nations, GOOD! This is  what happens when idiots persuade good people into believing everything they do or say is for the common good of mankind!

Okay Mr. President, the time is now! Kick these sons-of-bitches and anybody like them the hell out of this country, and lock the gates! It is our duty for the good of mankind to exterminate these parasites from our planet!

Watch this video and play close attention to what is going on. Everything in the past has been playing up to this moment in time. The global elites seem to always have a hidden card up their sleeve to play. If we don’t wise up and gather our people together to educate them pretty soon, we will have lost the battle without a shot being fired.

Just Don’t Ever Give Up! Especially without a Fight!


Chemtrails Are Destroying All Life On This Planet

If this doesn’t piss you off, then you must not be a human being from the planet EARTH.
We need to start alarming EVERY PERSON on Earth about what is happening to all of us right now!
Everything and EVERYBODY is in grave danger of existing alive on this planet if we don’t get these programs shut down SOON!!


Chemtrails in Shasta County, Ca. Court House

If more people were as aware as these people are, then maybe they would be willing to band together and FIGHT for our RIGHT TO LIVE!

Does it mean nothing that to sit around on our hands, we are condemning all our kids, grandkids, and any future generations to a very early death and Extinction?!

Chem Trails Really Are Killing US!

If you are still up in the air about the purpose of
“Chem Trails” and “Who’s Responsible”
Watch this video and leave a comment. Doesn’t
it just piss you off knowing that someone is
dumping poison on us every day? Which gives
anyone the right to fight back in self defense!

We shoot down a few of them jets, how many more will want to continue their murderous acts under
the guise of “Global Warming” prevention?



Ready for one more? This one has been banned in a lot of countries so I can’t guarantee how long it will be up for viewing. So watch it now!!


Looking at the skies this morning something unusual was going on with the jets spraying their chemicals. I didn’t have my camera on me to document or show you this so please bear with me.

It is almost like they are using or experimenting with a different additive to their  mixture. They fly a few miles with little to no visible evidence of a spray cloud. Then their obvious chem cloud starts back out again for a few miles and then disappears again. Here’s the weird part though……

In the space that seemed to not be sprayed, after 5 or 10 minutes +/-   the trails started to appear like magic! Weird shit! Almost like they wanted  to throw you off into thinking that they weren’t a jet spraying chemicals. And that by the time you figured out they were, they would be out of range.

Maybe or Maybe not. Just an observation.