So You Were Diagnosed Having “CANCER”

I am truly sorry about that. Now what are you going to do? So many thoughts are racing through your mind. “Am I going to die?” or ” I’ve got to get all my things in order!” or “How did this Happen?”, “I’m not ready to die!”

Those are all perfectly normal responses coming from someone who hasn’t researched and educated themselves on the matter. The more you know, the less scared you’ll be.

For years I have been asking and or telling people to NOT DO CHEMOTHERAPY that most physicians recommend right off the start. Your chances of survival are cut in half by going that route. If you don’t believe me, just do a little research on your own outside of the Dr.s office.

The best comparison to show you how chemo works is like this. “Okay Mr. Wilson your tests show that you have some sort of cancer in your body and it’s growing at an alarming rate so we need to nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand.” Then you are led down the hall to the operating room. But instead of a scalpel, the Dr. grabs his shotgun. “What’s that for?”he asks. “Well Mr. Wilson, a lot of my patients don’t have insurance to cover the high cost of chemotherapy at $30,000 a pop, so for 1/10th the price and same results, I’m going to shoot at you from 80 yards away a couple times. Then in a week or two we’ll do it again. Then repeat this method till we have destroyed all the cancer or you just don’t have the energy to stay alive anymore. Are You Ready?”

Both methods have about the same mortality rate!
Watch this video below and learn a better method.

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