Giving The “BOOT” To George Soros

Hey! This news just came in about Hillary Clinton’s secret financial partner(George Soros). Well I guess it’s never really been much of a secret to anyone that doesn’t watch mainstream media news.

Now there’s a thought! There are actually people out there who don’t even know who he is. When Obama was running for President in 2007, I was searching the internet for information on Obama because I and a lot of other people had never heard of or seen Obama before in their lifetime!

That’s where and when I came across George Soros’s name for the first time because he was listed as being a supporter of Obama. Then as I followed up on his life history, I quickly became offended of his nature and ways of doing things in this world.

Anyway here in this short video it entails plans that some smart Americans have thought out and executed to rid our land of such scum! (I Hope)