Jason Chaffetz testifies about Obama and IRS Crimes

Jason Chaffetz is another great congressman that just recently left his position to pursue other parts of his life.

Jason and Trey were a good team and an honor to be able to watch the two of them work together. Sometimes you swear they could get a “deaf mute” to listen and talk!

The subject of this video really pisses me off to no end! Because of the way the IRS has literally ruined people’s lives still today! Then they believe that they are above the law and above GQ Public! Fuck Them!!

Trey Gowdy Dismantles Hillary Clinton’s Lies

I’m really going to miss having Trey Gowdy as one of our top leading congressmen that knows how to use his skills as a former Prosecutor to get under some of these low life’s skin!

And to top it all out, “The Man is Honest” and “Polite”! Hell, he’s even polite to the people that he’s getting ready to drag through the mud!


Stop Using So Much Gas and Try This Instead

Just to be clear on the fact that “When the price of oil rises, the price of everything you buy will also rise!”  That’s just a well known fact.

So in order to continue to live beyond your means you will need to make some changes in  your life. #1  We all need to get better gas mileage. Don’t you agree? And just to be clear, you don’t have to be  a certified rocket scientist to do this.

A word of caution though, if you don’t have any common sense, or are not safety oriented, or have no clue about the explosive features of gasoline, do us all a favor and please leave now! Thank You.

For everyone else, watch the video below and go from there. Good Luck!