Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Showcase of LIES

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am sick to fucking death of the way our government has been handling the cases against these two criminals!!@

This kind of shit not only pisses me off to no end, but erases every fucking bit of respect I ever had for the people that hold their offices in government! As far as I am concerned they can all kiss my fucking ASS!

Now that you all know how I feel about this, I am posting videos that you might have seen on these issues. I can’t make anybody watch them, I’m just putting the option out there for you, OKAY?

Enjoy and leave a comment at the end.

Hannityvideo on the Clinton crime machine


What’s Happened To Our Nation?

A real good friend of mine is going through a dilema that just doesn’t seem right by me and it has got me wondering just “what’s happened to our nation?”

In a country where we are ruled by laws that are set up and written by the people and enforced by the people, there’s bound to be a glitch or two along the way. That’s why we have lawyers and judges. They are supposed to be the ones that are experts in the rules of law. They are the ones who took the extra initiative to study all the workings of law so things don’t get so confused and twisted around that our laws end up unrecognizable.

Well this happens to fall into a category of the saying “What? You’ve got to be kidding me!” And the sad part is that this could happen to you or anybody else at any time. Maybe not exactly the same set of circomstances but similar in the way it plays out.

Let me tell the story to you and then you make the call or decision on your own whether this is all bullshit or it seems okay to you.

This guy’s significant other has a friend who’s health is less than okay and has an acute addiction to pain killers. She is married and they have an adult son who is also addicted to pain killers (Thanks to Mom) and will stop at nothing to keep his flow of pills coming. Even if it means being brutal to his mother and stealing from her.

Her husband is tired of the shit going on and disowns the both of them. Cutting to the chase, he gets a mistress, has a heart attack in bed, and dies.

The son plays this off as a way to get things to sell to keep his habit going. There’s no more dad to get in the way between him and his mother to stop him.

Well while this kid is busy ripping her off little by little, her health is deteriorating and she sells her vehicle to her best friend who has been taking care of her for a good price. Her best friend, (My buddy’s significant other) got a bill of sale from her, but no title. The vehicle’s title was in the husband’s name and she hadn’t had the chance to change it over yet since he died. But since the vehicle was used in transporting her to and from the doctor’s office and bringing her food and medicine, and the fact that she made out the bill of sale, her best friend was in control of it.

Her health took a sharp dive and she died. It wasn’t twenty minutes after the son found out and he was over at her apartment hauling anything out of there that would bring a quick buck.

I guess a week or two went by and a gang of bikers show up at my buddy’s place informing him that they were there with that worthleess son to take that vehicle she purchased. The kid was saying that it was his, being that both parents were dead. He was spouting off some rule or law that I’m sure he just heard about from someone.

My buddy goes out there and tells them all to get the fuck off his property now and that nobody is taking a fucking thing from there! Then he shouts to them that if they really believe they have a right to take that vehicle, they had better come back with the police! They all leave and my buddy goes back in his shop to work on some cabinets for a job that he was doing.

I guess about 30 minutes goes by and the sound of all them bikes outside tells him that they don’t take a hint and that there was going to be trouble. So he grabbed his rifle as a show of force and an equalizer. One against thirty isn’t fair!

He opens the shop door and the light shining in his eyes from the porchlight shows two guys arguing with his ole lady. Now his eyes adjust and the one says “GUN! Put the gun down!” My buddy replied “I don’t have to put my gun down, I have a right to protect my property!” The gun was never pointed at anybody and now he could tell it was the police chief and some rookie. He has the rookie go around and flank him , as if he couldn’t see him. Then the chief walking up to him says”Grab the gun!” No surprise there but trying to stand up with someone tugging from opposite sides and having their legs trying to make you fall on the ground is no easy task! Then they put the hand cuffs on, and the chief says”Spray him! Use the whole can!” Which they did, shaking the last few drops out of the can on him!

His face on fire blinded by the pepper spray, they hurriedly walk him to the police car. But on the way, the chief says “That’s what you get for resisting arrest!” “What are you talking about, resisting arrest. I was just trying to stand up!” The chief pipes in with that evil tone “Did you hear that rookie? He said he was drunk!” So they put him in back, with no windows open, in the middle of July, and shut the doors. He shouts out to anybody that can hear him to “Call the SHERRIFF!”

Finally after what seemed to be an eternity a sherriff shows up and opens the door, rolls down the widows, turns on the air conditioning to blow in his face so that he could breathe, and tells him not to worry, that he would get him out of there shortly. He then had someone get some rags or paper towels to clean up his face. You can’t even imagine how much mucus and sweat was pouring off his face!

Then it happened. The sherriff got me out of the car and took the cuffs off and bid me good night. I thanked him and I was led into my house by a friend that had seen and heard everything.

I find out later that the vehicle was taken out of there as a trade to let me out of the back of that car. You see they had the title to it. But the title was signed by a dead person on an impossible date for it to be valid.

I get a ticket for this occurrance, my rifle is gone, I have the fines to pay, and have to get an alcohol evaluation even though I wasn’t drinking! The only hint of drinking was me explaining that I couldn’t stand up when they were pulling at me and trying to trip me!

Now after the evaluation, and them taking into account that I got a DWI 30 years ago, and some other 20 years ago shit, they say I should be doing this out patient class once a week, plus AA meetings,voluntary UA’s, and more one on one counsuling for six months. For WHAT? If I would have known in advance that they would pull this kind of turn it around on me shit, I would’ve been shit faced to the hilt!!

“What’s Happened To This Nation?”

When the police and court systems abuse innocent poeople and turn them into criminals against their will.


Why Lock Up Hillary Clinton?

Why Lock Up Hillary Clinton?

Why do we take showers?

Why do we flush the toilet?

Why do we put on clean underware and socks?

Our government is really smelling bad lately and she is just one of the reasons why. President Trump campaigned on making her stand trial for her traitorous crimes against the country and the American citizens but it hasn’t been seen to start happening yet.

If you haven’t noticed yet but people’s memories are really getting short lately. I’m pretty sure that we can attribute that fact to  alot of things  that are being done to us.

#1. The government has  been poisoning our water supply with FLOURIDE since WWII and telling people that it is good for tooth and bone health. I think we are the only country on the planet that hasn’t banned the use  of flouride anywhere around humans except in the process of making  Nuclear BOMBS!

Why trust me, look it up for yourself and find out that FLOURIDE does absolutely nothing to enhance tooth or bone density or health in any way!

If you just go to where this link takes you, and read  to educate yourself a little on this subject. You won’t believe the shock you are about to get out of the information you see. Please spread this information to everyone you know!

Who Is The Federal Reserve Really?

I would hope that after this video has been seen, you will feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You will have learned something new about our United States History that has been kept a secret from us for most of the Twentieth Century!
Now that we live in the “Age of Information”, secrets are harder than ever to keep from anybody. Just look at what’s going on in our government right now. The amount of corruption that has been taking place is making headline news stories all over the world!
So what you are about to learn about “The Federal Reserve” and who they really are shouldn’t come as a complete surprise.